Our Team

We are a team of undergraduate biomedical engineering students from Johns Hopkins University. Our diverse skills and experiences in engineering, business, and research contribute to a well-rounded team supported by expert clinical and technical mentors from JHU and Children’s National Medical Center.

Together, we are committed to advancing pediatric health and improving the lives of children worldwide.

<strong>Mihika Aedla</strong>
Mihika Aedla

CEO and Co-Founder

<strong>Siya Zhang</strong>
Siya Zhang

COO and Co-Founder

<strong>Jason Qian</strong>
Jason Qian

CFO and Co-Founder

<strong>Kevin Sompel</strong>
Kevin Sompel

CTO and Co-Founder

<strong>Charlotte Cheng</strong>
Charlotte Cheng

Director of Product Testing and Co-Founder

<strong>Jocelyn Hsu</strong>
Jocelyn Hsu

Director of Product Development and Co-Founder

<strong>Anson Zhou</strong>
Anson Zhou

Director of Business Development and Co-Founder

<strong>Katherine Hu</strong>
Katherine Hu

Strategic Advisor, Co-Founder, and Former CEO

Advisory Board

<strong>Karun Sharma, MD, PhD</strong>
Karun Sharma, MD, PhD

Director of Interventional Radiology at Children’s National Medical Center

<strong>Elizabeth Logsdon, PhD</strong>
Elizabeth Logsdon, PhD

Director of Biomedical Engineering Design Teams at Johns Hopkins University

<strong>Anthony Ho, MSE</strong>
Anthony Ho, MSE

Research Fellow at Children’s National Medical Center

<strong>Jacob Slagle</strong>
Jacob Slagle

Research Technician at Children’s National Medical Center

<strong>Vahe Badalyan, MD</strong>
Vahe Badalyan, MD

Gastroenterologist at Children’s National Medical Center

<strong>Ginny Gebus, CNS</strong>
Ginny Gebus, CNS

Nurse Specialist at Children’s National Medical Center

Affiliated Institutions